Education for the 21st Century

Bots and artificial intelligence will take many jobs currently done by humans. The rising gig economy will make lifelong careers a thing of the past. The 4th industrial revolution will change the lives of our children and Orby wants to help prepare children for these changes.

We're currently at an early learning phase of our own. Over the coming months we'll be releasing a series of chatbot based educational experiences for children of various ages.

Our first product has launched. It's a chatbot that enables parents, together with their kids (under 6), to create a personalised browser-based story book. The book is titled 'The Terrifically Tight Hug' and you can try it out for free here.

The Name

Our company name 'Orby' doesn't come from any dictionary meaning. The name is a play on Orbis Pictus, published in 1658, one of the world's first picture books intended for children.

The Founders

Based in Australia, we've been developing apps and other creative products for a long time, for both startups and established companies. We both have kids and a firm eye on how artificial intelligence, and the emerging gig economy will change the world for them.

We wanted to have a say in that change and prepare our kids for the very different working environment of the future.